Fierce Competition Continues in CA Housing Market

February 12, 2021

The California housing market is red hot as the year comes to an end. The state has already recovered all the sales it lost in the first half of the year as insatiable housing demand in recent months has propelled sales to levels not seen in the past 15 years. Sales of existing single-family homes […]

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Fall is the new spring in real estate

September 22, 2020

Fall is the new spring in real estate Record-low mortgage rates, skyrocketing buyer demand, and shrinking inventory have pushed the housing market’s busy season forward through at least the end of the year. Record-low mortgage interest rates, the increased need for more spacious, multifunctional homes during the coronavirus pandemic, and timelines that no longer necessarily […]

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These are the outdoor projects that will improve the value of your home

April 24, 2020

‘Curb appeal has never been as important as it is today,’ landscape designer and HGTV personality Carson Arthur told Inman. With coronavirus lockdowns still in full swing, no part of the home is proving to be as valuable as the backyard and front yard. Those who have a garden or a tree-lined patio can spend […]

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This Is How the Coronavirus Crisis Is Ravaging the U.S. Housing Market

April 14, 2020

The coronavirus crisis has ravaged not only the nation’s economy, driving down the stock market and pushing roughly 16 million people into unemployment, but its psyche as well. And the housing market has not escaped unscathed. With more Americans out of work and worried about the security of their jobs in addition to their health, […]

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2019’s Housing Market Is Likely to Be Stronger Than We Thought—Here’s Why

May 08, 2019

Despite a real estate slowdown gripping the nation, this year’s housing market is expected to be busier than® economists originally predicted late last year. That means more home sales—and higher prices—are on the way. The anticipated uptick in activity is due to lower mortgage rates, which make homes more affordable for buyers. The economic […]

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Renters paid more for housing in 2018 than they ever have before

January 03, 2019

Renters paid out record $504 billion for housing in 2018 Thanks to higher rents throughout much of the year, U.S. renters paid out more in rent than they ever have before, with a total rent payout equal to the gross domestic product of Belgium. According to a new report from HotPads, U.S. renters paid a […]

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