Dustin & Jennifer | Riverside County

“When my husband and I first decided to try to buy a home we were practically laughed out of several real estate offices. We didn’t know the first thing about buying a house but it was something we dreamed of. We contacted a lender to see if this was even a possibility for us. We were given the go ahead to find a home by the lender. She recommended Brett MacLennan to us. We contacted Brett and talked with him about what we wanted, what we could afford, and what we needed. He was very quick to take all of the information to get us started. I will be honest and say that purchasing a home was NOT a walk in the park, but it was not at all Brett’s fault. We had no idea just how competitive the market could be and how hard it could be to find what we wanted. We worked with Brett for over a year. Throughout the process he was always with us and definitely had our best interest in mind. He worked very hard to make the process go smoothly for us. We had several offers on the table and for some reason or another, none of them worked out for us. At one point I became hopeless. In the end missing out on our earlier offers was the best thing that could have happened. We got a much nicer home than we could ever have dreamed of thanks to his amazing negotiation skills and his prompt actions. Brett is very honest, professional, dedicated, knowledgeable, flexible, and he is definitely in your corner. I have and will continue to recommend Brett to friends and family in the future when they are considering buying or selling a home. In the end, I can say that Brett is great at the job he does.”